15,000 donated services and counting

Operation Access reached a milestone earlier this month by coordinating its 15,000th service since 1993. We want to highlight the patient who received that service. This case is representative of our entire team of medical volunteers' deep commitment to care.

Pedro was recently referred to Operation Access to receive care for chronic ear pain and bleeding. He was plagued by ear pain and diminished hearing since he was a young boy in the Philippines. He never received help for his condition because his family could not afford the care. Pedro's hearing loss, ear pain, and infections became more severe as he grew up. He also became dependent on his family to help him with normal day-to-day tasks. Over the years he slowly learned how to read lips so that he could communicate with others.

Recently, Pedro’s symptoms got worse when his left ear started bleeding. He was desperate to get care, and with help from his sister he learned about Ashland Free Medical Clinic in Alameda. Once Pedro was seen at the clinic he was referred to OA for a tympanoplasty. We matched him with Dr. Vanessa Kenyon at San Francisco ENT and CPMC. During the consult, Dr. Kenyon informed Pedro that his severely impaired hearing could be greatly improved with surgery. He needed a tympanomastoidectomy to repair the middle ear by removing excess and infected tissue that had grown on the mastoid bone.

Today Pedro is happy and recovering from surgery. His family has noticed a big change in his mood and how he carries himself. Pedro now has a part-time job and is excited for what the future has in store for him now that he can hear.


A recap of 2015 and a look ahead into 2016

Your commitment to Operation Access this past year helped us respond to the need in our community. In 2015 we:
Provided 1641 surgical and diagnostic services for 1167 people; a 19% increase over 2014
Arranged 3496 appointments
Supported 1500 active medical volunteers
Expanded our service area and available specialties
and Provided over $17,000,000 in donated medical services

Thank you for your dedication to providing health care services for our neighbors in need!
Looking ahead we hope for your ongoing support in 2016 as we continue our expansion to bridge gaps in access to specialty procedures in the nine county Bay Area. We expect to develop our new oral surgery program and to increase our impact by accepting referrals from an increased number of community clinics and by partnering with more Bay Area providers.


Volunteer Spotlight

Brad Drexler MD “I really enjoy getting to know my patients and their families, and being able to provide personal care. Everyone deserves good medical care."

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Brad Drexler, MD  

Patient Spotlight

Ana “The fact that I needed medical care and was uninsured really affected me emotionally. I was constantly on edge. I was very worried thinking I had cancer and didn’t have the means to take care of it.”

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