The Permanente Medical Group Volunteers

TPMG physicians can donate their time at Saturday Surgery Sessions where the volunteer team cares for 5-15 patients. Saturday surgery sessions are scheduled 2-4 times per year at each partner KP medical center. To see currently scheduled Saturday Sessions, please click here.

Staff privileges at the participating medical center where you will volunteer

Surgeons & Specialists

  • Commit to a self-determined volume of patients (e.g. one per month, two per quarter). As a volunteer you have the flexibility to decline a referral at any time.
  • Review OA referral and inform OA if case is appropriate.
  • Meet with patient for an initial consultation to determine if a procedure is necessary.
  • Perform the procedure during a Saturday Surgery Session, or at your office if the patient could benefit from a minor clinic procedure.
  • See the patient for routine post-op appointments.
Time commitment:
  • One or more procedures per quarter, depending on your availability.
  • At least a 12-month commitment.

  • Provide care to OA patients during Saturday Surgery Sessions for a minimum 3 hour shift.
  • Sign up and commit to a full shift in advance of volunteering
Time commitment:
  • At least one Saturday per year.
If you are interested in volunteering with OA, please click here or go to KP Cares.