Sonoma County

Operation Access (OA) has served Sonoma County community clinic patients since 2001. Through our work with local physicians, hospitals and medical centers, hundreds of people in need receive vital surgical and specialty care free of charge every year.  Despite the Affordable Care Act, those who remain uninsured continue to depend on community programs when they are ill or injured.  Our volunteers and supporters share our belief that the entire community is well served when those most vulnerable receive care.

OA accepts referrals from community health centers including:  
Alexander Valley Healthcare
Alliance Medical Center 
Petaluma Health Center 
Santa Rosa Community Health 
Sonoma Valley Community Health Center
St. Joseph's Mobile Clinic
West County Health Centers 

Partner Hospitals and Ambulatory Care Centers:
Fourth Street Laser and Surgery Center
Advanced Surgery Institute
Kaiser Permanente
San Rafael-Petaluma, Santa Rosa
Petaluma Valley Hospital
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Surgery Center
Santa Rosa Surgery and Endoscopy Center
Sonoma County Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center
Sonoma Vein Center
Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

Tools for community health centers: 
Clinic Resource Guide

For information on the scope of outpatient services provided through OA and guidelines, please view our Procedures List* and our Referral Guidelines Snapshot.
*Procedures List is not a comprehensive list of services provided

Please click here for the referral form.

OA was approved as a Tier 2 member in the Portfolio of Model Upstream Programs. To read about Upstream Investments and to learn about their mission and goals in Sonoma County click here.

Staff Contact:
Daniel Rabkin – Program Manager
p: (415) 733-0004
f:  (415) 733-0019

Dede Rosales- Program Coordinator
p:  (415) 733-0054
f:   (415) 733-0019