Scaling The OA Model

A number of communities have established programs modeled after OA. With start-up assistance from us, most launched within just 6-12 months. Programs are tailored to meet local needs and to also integrate with complementary programs (e.g., Project Access) and existing infrastructure (e.g., health information technology).

Access OC - Orange County, CA
In 2007, AccessOC became the first organization to replicate the Operation Access model. OA staff developed a comprehensive, customizable toolkit with over 100 forms, procedures, checklists, contracts, and other key resources – such as a streamlined version of our Microsoft Access database – to facilitate a swift and successful launch for AccessOC. Over the years, we have continued to provide occasional technical assistance and staff training to AccessOC. We’ve also learned quite a few tips from them!

AccessOC’s growing network now consists of:
  • 905 medical volunteers
  • 8 participating hospital sites
  • 23 community clinics
  • 275 surgical procedures have been donated since program inception, valued at $3.8 million
This year AccessOC expanded their scope of services to include gastroenterology procedures, partnering with a team of volunteers at St. Joseph Hospital to provide 20 donated colonoscopies in a single January afternoon. In addition to their outpatient surgery program, AccessOC has also launched eConsult, a web-based, HIPAA-compliant messaging system designed to enhance communication between primary care providers and specialists to provide patient care.

This year will also be the first year when AccessOC will debut their new Strategic Scorecard, a dashboard tool that will be instrumental for making program improvements and reporting to funders and other stakeholders. This tool was designed with input from us and was modeled on OA’s scorecard, which we created several years ago with a grant from the Taproot Foundation.

Kaiser Permanente - across California & the U.S.
Kaiser Permanente (KP) has been a long-standing core supporter of Operation Access, and we are deeply grateful for their continued partnership. Both Operation Access and AccessOC’s KP volunteer teams have received the prestigious David Lawrence Community Service Award. This award recognizes physicians and employees throughout Kaiser Permanente who exemplify outstanding community service and demonstrate extraordinary efforts to improve the health of their communities.

In the past several years, we have seen the OA volunteer model spread like a weed throughout the KP system, and we are very excited to see volunteerism sprouting in so many places! There are far too many KP partnerships to list all of them here, but we would like to briefly highlight one.

The San Diego County partnership consists of the San Diego County Medical Society Foundation, Project Access, Kaiser Permanente, and the Council of Community Clinics. In 2008, these leaders banded together to adapt the OA surgery program to meet local needs, and now their Surgery Day program includes:
  • 500 medical volunteers
  • 19 community clinic systems
  • 240 surgeries and diagnostic colonoscopies have been donated so far, valued at $1.8 million
Sutter Health - Northern CA
Motivated by a desire to facilitate a unique community benefit opportunity for their affiliated ambulatory surgery centers, Sutter Health has engaged us in a consulting capacity to design and implement a “Free Surgery Week” in August 2011 across multiple sites, to benefit low-income, uninsured individuals across northern California.