Santa Clara County

Operation Access (OA) served our first Santa Clara County patients on March 21, 2015. Through our partnership with local physicians, hospitals and medical centers, people in need with limited resources received vital surgical and specialty care free of charge.  Despite the Affordable Care Act, those who remain uninsured continue to depend on community programs when they are ill or injured. Our volunteers and supporters share our belief that the entire community is well served when those most vulnerable receive care.
Community Clinic Partners:
Foothill Community Health Center
Gardner Health Services
MayView Community Health Center 
NEMS, San Jose
Rota Care, Mountain View
Rota Care, San Jose

Partner Hospitals and Ambulatory Care Centers:
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, San Jose
Palo Alto Medical Foundation Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Peninsula Eye Surgery Center
Tools for Partner clinics:
Please click here for a printable fax referral form.

Staff Contacts:
Ali Balick - Program Director
p: (415) 733-0062
f:  (415) 733-0019
Marisol Gomez - Program Coordinator
p: (415) 733-0055
f:  (415) 733-0019