Donated Care for People in Need


Since 1993, Operation Access (OA) has enabled physicians and medical centers across the Bay Area to donate vital surgical and specialty care to people in need. Often, Operation Access is the only option that community clinic patients have to resolve critical issues.  In twenty-six years over 22,000 surgical procedures and diagnostic services have been provided to over 14,000 individuals.
While the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has expanded options for insurance, many low-income people do not qualify for affordable health insurance due to immigration status. Because they are uninsured, they have limited access to surgical or specialty care services. The prospect of living with pain and physical limitation, loss of income, and family disruption is very real. We make it possible for them to receive the care that they need – free of charge – by organizing networks of medical centers and volunteers in Alameda, Contra Costa, MarinNapa, San Francisco, San MateoSanta ClaraSolano, and Sonoma counties.
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We invite you to learn more about OA through our volunteers and our clients.