Operation Access Institute (OAI)

Since 1993, Operation Access has provided $80 million of donated surgical, specialty, and diagnostic care to more than9,000 uninsured people. Our VISION is to bridge the healthcare gap in the San Francisco Bay Area while also becoming a national model for promoting local medical volunteerism and strengthening healthcare safety nets.

Our 19-year track record has not gone unnoticed! Our unique model of leveraging licensed medical professionals to volunteer where they work has sparked interest from coast to coast, as indicated by the stars on this map:

In response to this growing interest in our model, we developed a comprehensive five-year business plan to guide expansion efforts, informed by interviews with more than 20 partner organizations and communities interested in adapting the OA model. In January 2010, the OA Institute (OAI) officially launched as a new program area within Operation Access, with the following objectives.

Providing technical assistance

Since 2006, we’ve been helping other communities initiate and expand sustainable surgical and specialty care volunteer programs with a high return in investment and community benefit value. Read about a few examples of where OA’s model has been scaled.

The California Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men and women in the United States, and disparities are significantly pronounced among the uninsured and ethnic minority populations. Since early 2010, OAI has been collaborating on an initiative that aims to reduce CRC disparities for low-income, uninsured people by raising awareness of screening guidelines, promoting medical volunteerism models to supplement public hospitals’ capacity to screen for and treat CRC, and facilitating the removal of financial barriers to CRC screening. Click here for a list of colorectal cancer resources: including a comprehensive booklet about our initiative , released in June 2011.

Collaborating with key partners

We believe in partnership. There are so many effective volunteer models and leadership organizations to learn from and network with, and we value opportunities for collaboration and integration, whether it’s sharing best practices, convening shared stakeholders, troubleshooting problems, or simply celebrating each other’s successes. Learn about some of our partners.

Want to build your own volunteer program?

If you’re exploring how to integrate local medical volunteerism into your own community, you’ve come to the right place! We have a wealth of experience and resources to contribute to others through the OA Institute. Get more information about our consulting services and available toolkits.

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