Operation Access is:

  • Committed to helping low-income, uninsured people receive the surgical and specialty care they need but cannot afford
  • Committed to providing meaningful local volunteer opportunities for medical professionals.
  • Dedicated to restoring our patients’ ability to earn a living, to care for their families, and to enjoy healthy lives

In the past few years, an increasing number of people have lost their health insurance and have limited access to healthcare services. Low-income individuals - who have been Operation Access' focus for 18 years - have been particularly hard hit.

These are people who are simply trying to make ends meet . To provide for their families. To care for their children.

But…a health problem, like a hernia, that they cannot afford to treat, can become a major obstacle. It can lead to job loss, deterioration of quality of life, emergency situations…and, often, despair.

Operation Access brings healing and hope to people in need, and demonstrates that the impulse for doing good works is alive and well in the Bay Area medical community.