Community Physicians

Surgeons and specialists who admit to an OA partner medical center integrate OA patients into their regular schedules. The medical centers donate the OR and procedure rooms, nursing and technical staff time, medications, and supplies.

  • Admitting privileges at the participating medical center where you will be volunteering.
  • Commit to a self-determined volume of patients (e.g. one per month, two per quarter). As a volunteer you have the flexibility to decline a referral at any time.
  • Review referrals and determine if case is appropriate for OA.
  • Meet with patient for an initial consultation to determine if a procedure is necessary.
  • Perform the procedure during your regular schedule at a participating medical
  • center, or at your office if appropriate.
  • No obligation to provide ongoing care, beyond routine pre/post-op visits associated
  • with the donated procedure.
Time commitment:
  • One or more procedures per quarter, depending on your availability.
  • At least a 12-month commitment.
If you are interested in volunteering with OA, please click here.