Build Your Own Program

What can the OA Institute do for YOU?
The OA Institute has the expertise and tools to enable your community to improve access to specialty care for the uninsured with a compassionate approach that is both evidence-based and efficient. We can help your community to swiftly and effectively develop a sustainable specialty care volunteer program, customized to leverage existing resources and infrastructure.

The OA program, while scalable and replicable in a “turnkey” fashion as is, could also be merged with components of other existing volunteer models – such as health information technology practices, clinic-based specialist volunteer (or “hub”) models, and alternative referral and case management systems.

Why the OA model works – OA’s core competencies
OA's model is cost-effective and provides safe, compassionate, and high-quality specialty and surgical care to low-income, uninsured people using volunteers, with mitigated risk and liability.

Case management policies and scheduling systems ensure equitable volunteer and hospital utilization Systematic hospital, volunteer, and ancillary provider recruitment, utilization, recognition, and retention strategies.  Strong culture of evaluation, ongoing quality improvements, and evidence-based results measurement (including logic models, strategic scorecards, operating plans, and stakeholder surveys)

Looking to build your own volunteer program? We  Can Help!
We offer a diverse menu of affordable consulting services, including:
  • “Turnkey” toolkit of contracts, merge forms, policies, procedures, checklists, and other key resources to get your program off the ground quickly
  • Program design, planning, and growth projection
  • Network development, consensus-building, stakeholder/partner/champion identification and engagement
  • Contract and policy development
  • Volunteer, hospital, and ancillary provider group recruitment, utilization, recognition, and retention
  • Patient eligibility criteria, care coordination, and case management
  • Evaluation strategies and data collection instruments that enable continuous quality improvements and evidence-based measurement of program outcomes and impacts
  • Microsoft Access database development
If you’re not sure what you need or if you’d just like to bounce around some ideas, pick up the phone, shoot us an email, or request an information packet to learn more!