San Francisco County

Operation Access was founded in San Francisco County in 1993. Currently, three medical centers, three medical groups, more than 200 medical volunteers, and 12 community clinics, participate in our program.

Since OA's inception, over 950 low-income uninsured San Francisco residents have received donated surgical and specialty care.

OA works with the City and County of San Francisco's Healthy San Francisco program, and also actively participates in the San Francisco Community Benefit Partnership group.

View OA's network of community clinics, medical centers and active volunteers.

Staff Contact:
Ali Balick - Program Manager, San Francisco & Peninsula
p: (415) 733-0062
f: (415) 733-0019

Zainab Altai - Program Coordinator, San Francisco & Peninsula
p: (415) 733-0055
f: (415) 733-0019

Tools for Partner clinics: 

For information on the scope of outpatient services provided through OA, please view our procedures list.

For eligibility guidelines and referral forms, please click here for a fax form and click here for an on-line form.


OA is working with community groups to improve the health of San Franciscans. Learn more about city wide health data and initiatives!

Medical volunteers warmly welcomed!
We especially need General Surgeons; Orthopedists; Ophthalmologists, Gastroenterologists and Urologists. Let us know if you are a physician or know a physician who may be interested in making a difference in someone's life!

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