Community Partners

Our partner medical centers and volunteers are the heart of what we do.
  • OA provides an effective vehicle for medical centers' community benefit initiatives.
  • OA provides meaningful opportunities for medical professionals to volunteer and make a difference - right here at home.
  • OA is a critical resource for safety net clinics when their patients need surgical or specialty care.
Medical Centers

Partner medical centers sign a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to waive facility fees and        
charges for surgical supplies, laboratory services, and pharmaceuticals. Hospital based physicians
(anesthesia, pathology, and radiology) also provide matching donations.

For a list of our partner medical centers and affiliated medical groups,
please see our list of medical centers.


Active Volunteers

Since 1993 over 2500 physicians, nurses, and technical support staff are making a difference in their neighbor's lives. Volunteer interpreters accompany patients to appointments and procedures when needed.

For a list of current volunteers, please review Active Volunteers.

To learn more about volunteering with OA, please view For Volunteers

Community Clinics

Community clinics depend on OA to secure needed services for qualified patients. They trust that we will match their patients with appropriate physicians, manage the process, and provide appropriate documentation for the patient's return to his/her medical home.

For a list of our partner community clinics, please visit our Community Clinics page.

For a list of typical procedures click here.

Community clinics, click here for eligibility worksheets. Please refer to your county page for referral forms.